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Silo Construction

Silo Work – Guacolda, Chile


Slipforming of two silos in Guacolda, Chile – 2014

Guacolda power plant in northern Chile. Züblin International GmbH, Chile SpA hired Gleitbau GmbH to slipform these two silos, which are 40 m tall. They represent a typical application for slipforming technology. Recent advances in slipforming allow for much more complex shapes to be built, such as conical structures with parabolic curves from bottom to top.

Gleitbau is a leading slipform contractor in North America and the world, performing up to 100 slipform projects every year. The company was formed in 1961 and is active in most construction sectors.


Silo shell completed by Gleitbau – 2014