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High Rise Building Cores

High Rise in Paris, France

High Rise Construction

High Rise Construction – Slipforming of the Building Core – 180 m tall / 590 ft

High rise construction can greatly benefit from the use of vertical slipforming. Shown above is the new Palais De Justice currently being built in Paris, France. Most tall buildings have one or more concrete cores that provide lateral strength to the building. They also house the stairs and elevators. These cores can be rapidly built by using the slipform method of construction. Doorways and openings are easily added by inserting block-outs into the slipform as it rises. The above high rise core was slipformed by working day shifts only. However, slipforming is most efficient when working around the clock, 24 hours per day, using two or three shifts. Typical speeds are 3m to 5m per day, but up to 10m per day can be achieved if workers are well coordinated and not limited by material supply or concrete quality.

Slipforming is extremely safe, as the slipform setup always remains connected to the structure. The two work platforms provide a safe and predicable environment for the workers. The lower platform is used for finishing the concrete to the desired surface quality. Tarpaulins can also be suspended from the lower platform. These shield the fresh concrete from direct exposure to the sun and wind during the initial curing period.

Gleitbau GmbH was hired by Bouygues Travaux Publics of France to provide the slipform equipment and onsite supervision for this project, including geometry control. Gleitbau GmbH is a world leader in concrete slipform construction and works on projects all over the world, including North America. You can contact Michael Veegh for more information on slipform construction. Gleitbau will gladly provide a technical review and slipform pricing for your upcoming high rise project.

High Rise Construction

Close-Up of Slipform Equipment with Two Work Levels


Caisson Construction

Port of Piraeus, Greece

Slipformed Caisson

Slipformed caissons for the West Pier 3 expansion, Port of Piraeus, Greece – 2016

40 large concrete caissons were slipformed for the Port of Piraeus, West Pier 3 expansion project, just south of Athens. The individual caisson boxes were built on a large, semi-submersible barge. After slipforming was completed, the barge was lowered into the water and the caissons floated away to their final locations. The overall caisson dimensions are 24.8 m x 13.1 m, with a height of 19.5 m. The wall thickness varies between 0.3 m and 0.4 m.

Vertical slipform construction is eminently suited for offshore and marine structures because of the high degree of durability that can be achieved with the slipform process. There are no construction joints because slipforming is a continuous process that does not stop until the structure is completed. There is also no need for form ties and rebar bolsters when using this construction method, resulting in an extremely durable structure.

Gleitbau GmbH was hired by J/V Routsis S.A. – Tekal S.A. to provide the equipment and supervision for the slipform operation, including the geometry control. Work is expected to be completed in 2016. Gleitbau is an industry leading slipform company and works on projects all over the world, including North America.

Slipformed Caisson

Aerial view of the slipform operation, taking place on top of a semi-submersible barge.

Silos Slipformed

Gagarin Factory, Russia

Gagarin Silos Russia 2015

Silos for the Gagarin Factory in Russia











This silo work for the Gagarin Factory in western Russia was completed in late 2015. The winter conditions were not a problem for the slipforming operation as the slipform platform is very compact and can be readily heated and shielded from the elements. Note the openings and block-outs in the walls, which are easily created by inserting custom wood frames into the slipform setup as it climbs upwards. The tallest silo has a height of 26.5 m.

Gleitbau GmbH was hired by Egger Holzwerkstoffe Brilon GmbH & Co KG for slipforming the silo shells. Gleitbau is an industry leading slipform specialty contractor with over 50 years of experience in this type of construction. The company works all over the world from its base in Salzburg, Austria. For more information, please contact Michael Veegh.