Cable Car Towers

Cable Car Transportation Complex, Vietnam

cable cars tower

Conical tower slipforming with 15 degree incline, by Gleitbau GmbH.

Shown above are the three-legged towers for the Queen Cable Car aerial tramway installation in Ha Long, Vietnam. This record-setting cable car system is part of the Ocean Park Project in the Bai Chay area. The project aims to boost tourism in Ha Long Bay.

Completed in 2015, the aerial tramway sports massive 230 passenger cabins and concrete support towers up to 185 m tall. The individual tower legs start out with a diameter of either 4.0 m or 5.0 m, tapering all the way to the top. They also maintain a constant wall thickness of 0.35 m along their height. The maximum inclination is 15 degrees from vertical.

To build the record-setting cable car towers, the owner and general contractor, Sun Group of Vietnam, hired Gleitbau GmbH for slipforming the conical legs of the towers. Gleitbau GmbH slipformed two towers with three legs each, and also provided the heavy lifting services required for erecting the precast strut triangles, which stabilize the tower legs.

Gleitbau GmbH is a world leader in slipform construction, executing between 80 to 100 slipform projects every year. They work all over the world, including North America, providing customized slipform equipment, engineering, geometry control and supervision to general contractors and owners. For more information, please contact Michael Veegh.

cable car towers

Conical tower slipforming and heavy lifting of precast strut triangles for stabilizing the tower legs.

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