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Tapered Rectangular Conical Structure

Shin Seoncheong, South Korea – Tapered Rectangular Chimney

Global Chimneys Co. Ltd. hired Gleitbau GmbH of Salzburg Austria, to slipform this new chimney structure. The sliding operation was performed during 2017. The tapered rectangular shape makes for a unique and spectacular tower-like structure, made possible by the latest advances in slipform technology. The overall height is 148 m and the base dimensions of 20 m x 20 m taper off to 12 m x 12 m at the top. The wall thickness reduces from 0.90 m at the bottom to 0.35 m at the top.

Tapered Concrete Pier

Tapered Rectangular Chimney – Height of 148 m.

Gleitbau GmbH is a leading slipform contractor in North America and around the world, executing more than 100 slipform projects per year. The company was founded in 1961 and became an industry leader during the 1970s and 1980s through its offshore work in the North Sea. Gleitbau GBG typically supplies the slipform system, engineering, concrete mix design, geometry control and technical supervision, mostly to general contractors. Heavy lifting services are also provided, many times in conjunction with slipforming. For more information, please contact Michael Veegh.

Conical Chimney

Taean, South Korea

Conical Chimney in Taean, South Korea

Conical Chimney in Taean, South Korea

Completed in 2014, this conical chimney stands 146 m / 479 ft tall. The bottom diameter measures 32 m, the intermediate (minimum) diameter is 21 m and the top diameter is 27.3 m. This chimney is part of the STX Bukpyung Power Plant in South Korea.

The general contractor, Gangnae Co. hired Gleitbau GmbH for the slipforming of the chimney. Gleitbau supplied the customized slipform system and onsite supervision, including geometry control. This is one of dozens of chimneys built by Gleitbau. They are the only company in the world that routinely slipforms conical concrete structures such as this chimney.

Gleitbau GmbH is the technical leader in vertical concrete slipform construction, executing between 80 and 100 slipform projects every year. They work all over the world, including North America. Gleitbau typically supplies slipform equipment, engineering, geometry control and related heavy lifting services to general contractors. For more information, please contact Michael Veegh.