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Solar Tower

Negev Desert, Israel

Solar Tower

Ashalim Solar Thermal Station with 240 m Tower. Photo by Megalim Solar Power Ltd.

The world’s tallest solar tower at 787 ft will be built this year in the Negev Desert, Israel. 50,600 computer-controlled mirrors surrounding the tower will track the sun and point the energy to the top of the tower, where superheated steam will be produced for driving a turbine. When finished, the tower and mirrors will be able to produce 121 MW of power. The $800 million project is being built by a joint venture company owned by Brightsource Energy (25%), GE Alstom (25%) and NOY Infrastructure & Energy Investment Fund (50%).

The developer-builder of this project, Megalim Solar Power Ltd, hired Gleitbau GmbH to slipform the tower shaft to a height of 200 m. After that, the 2500 ton boiler will be added to complete the tower.

Gleitbau GmbH is a leading slipform company in North America and the world, executing from 80 to 100 slipform projects every year. The company was formed in 1961 and is active in most construction sectors. For more information, please contact Michael Veegh.